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The Film
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Juancho building a tambora "This film will be a great source of information and inspiration not only to all musicians and scholars, but to all people interested in music, and Latin American culture. As a Colombian musician, it is a source of great pride to me to know that a part of the musical heritage of my country will exist for posterity." - Claudia Gómez

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto is a documentary on the music of the Gaiteros of San Jacinto, of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and on the history of cumbia, one of the most popular forms of musical expression in the Americas today.

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto was filmed by producers Ellen Speiser and Julio León over a number of years. The story of their music is narrated by the musicians themselves, as well as by a well-known Colombian folklorist. The footage of the film, and the music is irreplaceable - some musicians have died, and no group has really been able to equal or replace them.

This film is a tribute to some of gaitero music's original and best musicians, and to Antonio "Toño" Fernández, cumbia's legendary composer, who first successfully put words to the music, paving the way for modern cumbia's enormous popularity throughout the Americas.

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

Documentation of the Gaiteros began in 1986, and continued over the course of several trips to Colombia.
The film was completed in July of 2003. Initial distribution is in video.

Comments and requests for information can be sent to Ellen Speiser

Traditional Hat
Traditional Gaitero Hat

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Cumbia: El Llanto de Dos Razas en Cautiverio
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